From Jackie Kelleher's Nurturing the New Family:

"A doula's role is fluid. From family to family, day-to-day, even hour-to-hour, her role is constantly changing. She is a teacher and a source of information. The doula may be a shoulder to cry on or the person who declares that it is time to celebrate a particular triumph....At all times, the doula provides reassurance, support, and the belief that these parents can and will be successful in nurturing their family." 

For assistance with: 

  • baby-wearing
  • responding to baby’s cues 
  • soothing
  • diapering
  • bathing  
  • sibling care
  • light housekeeping
  • meal preparation
  • errands
  • resources and referrals
  • communicating with relatives 
  • postpartum mood disorders
  • sleep 
  • processing birth





My husband and I met Ashley as the nervous parents of a three week old while on vacation.  The vacation started out awful as we had an unhappy baby and felt completely trapped in our room.  Within minutes of meeting Ashley, with her incredible bedside manner she immediately calmed our fears and turned our situation from a hindrance into an enjoyable trip we will never forget.  I was having trouble breast feeding and Ashley easily instructed me to use the side lying position which gave me my first night of restful sleep in weeks.  Ashely also encouraged us to hike, dine out and enjoy everything our vacation had to offer with our baby by teaching my husband and I to use the Moby wrap amongst other pieces of advice.  Ashley not only saved our vacation, but gave us the tips and the confidence we needed to have an enjoyable first few months of parenthood with a newborn. – L.G. August 2012 
ashley was a lifesaver. as a postpartum doula, she came within a week of my child being born. she jumped in quickly, helped with getting started with breastfeeding, helped cook, sort baby clothes, wash sweaters, plan meals and let me get precious sleep in between feedings. she had a wealth of experience and could advise a nervous new mother on what was normal and what to be worried about for my baby. we prevailed upon her to continue working with us for the first four months of my baby's life, and she planned and cooked meals for us (this is HUGE--she has worked in catering in the past) in addition to taking care of our infant when I had to go to work. She brought him to me in the office for feedings. Ashley was proactive and helpful, thinking of things and executing before I even asked--quietly making and dropping lunch off deskside when I was absorbed with work, for instance. my mother could not be around for the birth of my child, and she was like a substitute mom to me. – J.L. February 2013 
I didn't know what a postpartum doula was when I first spoke to Ashley, which was when my son was 4 weeks old. I was looking for someone to help me a few hours a day because I was feeling overjoyed at having a new baby, but also overwhelmed and exhausted. Ashley came into our lives and had an immediate and awesome impact. She was caring with my son, had a very calming energy, and managed to get so much done whenever she was with us. She has a degree in education and is a certified postpartum doula and lactation counselor, but is also wise beyond her degrees and years and has taught us so much: everything from demonstrating various baby carriers and wraps, to how to give our baby his first dose of medicine, to forming a strategy for building up my milk and freezer supply before going back to work. Ashley's holistic, loving, and skilled approach to taking care of Mom, baby, and family postpartum is unparalleled. If you just had or are having a baby, you want Ashley in your life! – S.C. October 2013 
After giving birth, I was just plain ol' tired and needed a break. After being able to take a delightfully long nap (while Ashley held my son), I woke up to freshly made banana muffins, a clean kitchen, dishes put away, and spaghetti on the stove for lunch. The relief and joy I felt for being taken care of the exact way I needed is immeasurable. Her talents at knowing exactly what I needed before I even needed it are skills that not many people posses. Ashley is a godsend and I hope she will care for me after my next child as well. I can't thank her enough. –J.W. January 2014 
Ashley was loving and knowledgable and seemed to know exactly what we needed (and what we didn't). She had solutions to problems and answers to questions we didn't even think to ask. – L.B. February 2014 
From the moment I met Ashley, I felt a formidable sense of her strength, sensibility and care and I immediately knew that she would be the perfect postpartum doula.  Ashley was more than I could have hoped for in assisting my unfolding into motherhood.  She taught me the basics of taking care of a newborn, though never pushed her own agenda and by the time she left us, I had the confidence and information that I needed to feel capable in my new role. – S.D. March 2014 
Having Ashley as my postpartum doula was absolutely the absolute best thing for me short of having my own mother by my side.  Not only was Ashley always one step ahead, she gave me the support, love, patience, and guidance that I didn't even realize I needed.  I don't know what I will do when I get pregnant again because I moved to NJ and I just know NO ONE could ever come close to Ashley! – S.L. May 2014