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Childbirth Basics for Yoga, Pilates, and Fitness Instructors

  • Charlotte Blake Pilates 50 West 12th Street, Garden New York, NY, 10011 United States (map)

This intentionally designed continuing education workshop will elevate your practice in the perinatal space. It will fill the gap in your education between the perinatal mind/body and the realities of giving birth. You will be able to ask smarter questions, provide up-to-date resources, and keep perspective on the system versus the client. 

In a small group of like-minded professionals, you will: 

  • gain access to incredible resources to share with pregnant clients
  • embody the simple, but awe-inspiring, physiology behind labor and delivery 
  • compare common maternity practices and optimal maternity care practices  
  • develop a critical framework for helping clients navigate pregnancy and labor preparation
  • assess how your work can directly improve your client’s birth outcome and recovery 
  • understand why all of this matters!

The cost of this workshop is $185/person. There is an early bird price of $135 before November 1st. Please be in touch if you are interested in attending and the cost is prohibitive. 

Maternity care in the United States is failing women! But, you can do better by your perinatal clientele! Women giving birth right now in New York City have a genuine lack of options, face interventions without informed consent, and generally move through a system without proper education or support. These conditions lead to rates of pelvic floor dysfunction and postpartum mood and anxiety disorders than are beyond what is physiologically normal. Most people know very little about physiological childbirth and optimal maternity care practices and unknowingly spread outdated information and cultural myths to the perinatal population. It is time for that to change!