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There is no way to predict how your birth will unfold


Our childbirth classes teach the range of normal for each stage of labor to help you establish reasonable expectations for your birth and postpartum experience, and leave prepared to make informed decisions about your care.

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Upcoming Small Group Classes

Saturday, June 2nd, 1:00pm - 7:30pm   420 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn

In this small group class you will connect with other parents-to-be, while covering:

  • anatomy and physiology of late pregnancy and birth
  • stages and phases of labor
  • coping measures and positions  
  • breath and relaxation practices to reduce stress and anxiety
  • benefits, risks, and alternatives to common medical procedures
  • when to go to the hospital and what to pack or when to have your midwife come to you and how to prepare your home
  • questions to ask your provider and how to navigate the hospital
  • epidural anesthesia, induction procedures and cesarean surgery

We will also address:

  • alignment and movement habits to encourage optimize fetal positioning and minimize pain in labor
  • strategies to shorten the pushing phase and prevent tearing or birth injury
  • optimal nutrition for muscle strength and flexibility  
  • postpartum healing
  • breastfeeding basics: how to get a good latch, avoid pain, find support
  • tips for parenting a newborn: soothing, sleeping, babywearing, diapering, bathing

 $350 per couple 

Want a class in the comfort of your own home? Ashley is happy to come to you! 


 Our classes offer information and practice that will not only prepare you for childbirth but improve birth outcomes. 

Beyond being more prepared for the “main event” this class will support your transition into parenthood. We will go beyond the basics of newborn care to develop a modern framework for responding to your newborn’s needs. 

If you are looking for a longer childbirth class, Ashley teaches 4-week classes as well as Saturday-Sunday classes through Birth Day Presence at Wild Was Mama in Greenpoint.