The Secret to Gift Giving on Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! 

Moms are forces of nature that deserve gifts of love and matter at all times, but especially today. Here are my two cents on how to treat Mother’s Day as a sincere recognition of what mother's do. Instead of asking “What do you want for Mother’s Day?” ask“How Can I Help?” This question, for many moms will be a gift in and of itself. She may need some initial help thinking of an answer but give her some time and follow up! Here are some creative ways you can support a mama at any stage of parenting: 

  • cooking (can you cook / buy food to put in the freezer for the upcoming days and weeks? can you hire a personal chef for a day? can you pack school lunches on mondays? can you make her breakfast next wednesday?)

  • cleaning? (can you clean? can you get your kiddos to give gift certificates for their labor, that you will enforce? can you hire a cleaner?)

  • bedtime (can you send mom out one night *a week* and put the little ones to bed? can you be home and present while she is doing bedtime and appreciate her afterwards?)

  • body work? (can you help alleviate some of the physical pain that comes from wrangling children and gear with a massage, acupuncture, fitness classes or personal training)

  • pampering? (can you help her find time to relax with spa gift certificates? bonus points if another mom friend gets the same gift certificate so they can go together)

  • logistics (can you schedule her doctors and dentists appointments and provide childcare while she is away?)

  • connecting (can you plan a date night?)

Thinking of gift giving from a place of helping can generate hundreds of ideas and practical gifts tend to keep on giving! The key with “helping” is to make less work for mom so remember to think it through. Please reach out if you have questions or ideas, I would love to hear from you.