after the baby is born

Do you want family or friends to know you're in labor, or do you want to tell them once the baby is born? If they'll know when you go into labor, do you want you want folks to stay far away or hang in the waiting room? This is different for everyone but is definitely something to think about ahead of time. Here's the email my husband and I sent to my parents, in-laws, and siblings before the birth of my first baby. It was very specific to our own desires but may be helpful as you work out your own plans post-birth. 

Hi Family, 

We are officially ready to expect Shorty on any given day! We finished our childbirth education class a few weeks ago, planned some things for “labor-day,” purchased the necessary birth supplies, and (I think) are finished with house preparations. We also put a lot of thought into what we want the first few days will look like after s/he shows up.

As of now, here is our plan…

M will text all of you when A goes into labor to give you a heads up, but we ask that you don’t text back because I want to have my phone for timing contractions and taking pictures and don’t want to be reading texts. We’ll text you again when baby is born to give you some semblance of a time-frame on heading in to visit. Remember that labor could last a long time, so please feel free to go about your business after you get the first text.

Once Shorty pops out, we want to have some time to initiate breastfeeding and then will be open to visits and photos. Please don’t plan on staying more than an hour. 

Gma W, Gp D: Assuming it’s between 11:30am and 10:00pm, on your way to us, can you stop at Zitto’s Sandwich Shoppe and pick up TWO Sub #8 The Autogrill, and ONE Sub #4 The Pork Braciole. You can call ahead if you want to order over the phone (718) 857–1950, they usually need about 15 minutes notice.

After that first visit ends, we’re going to take as much time as we need to figure things out as a new family unit and will call you as soon when we’re needing helping hands / ready for visitors. We know a lot of people are going to be pretty anxious to meet Shorty but if you can help hold off other family until we’re ready, we would appreciate it.

We love you all a lot and are very excited to have you in our lives as we get ready to welcome a new person into our families.